The Tree

Once upon a time there stood a tree

as majestic and grand as one could be,

the roots went deep and the tree held strong,

never bent to the winds rather whispered a song.

The rains were supportive, the sunshine mild

it soon bore fruit, each seed – his child.

The winds blew, the seeds spread,

on unfamiliar paths alone they tread.

While the tree still sheltering each child

spread its branches far and wide,

the tree so full of love and care

to one and all was just and fair.

With each passing day the new plants got bold

while day by day the tree grew old.

Selfless throughout the life he’d spent

he was happy, satisfied and content.

Surprised but glad to see the young trees grown,

from the tiny little seeds he had once borne.

He met all targets he wanted to meet,

every work finished, everything complete.

He could now rest. he could finally sleep.

Then one day the tempest blew with all its might

and the tree having lost all reason to fight,

succumbed to the forces for the first time.

Not battered, not bruised, but triumphant,

with a smile.



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