Menstrual Cup – Product Review

  I recently came to know about the menstrual cup on an online mom's group (First Moms Club) and was curious to try it out. I had been using sanitary napkins/ pads most of my life and had discovered tampons just a couple of years back. (Indians are huge propagators of maintaining virginity till marriage [...]

When cities burn but we are busy in petty politics

#ramrahimverdict, #panchkulaburns I don't know who wrote the following message but it couldn't be more on point. "When a rape accused is not arrested we burn candles, When a rape accused is arrested we burn cities". Incredible India indeed.  Pic credits : NDTV, Hindustan Times. People killed, vehicles burnt and damaged, multiple  cities under curfew, [...]

Lest we forget

Freedom doesn't come free. Happy Independence Day 2017. India celebrates its 71st year of independence and amidst all the celebrations I urge you all not to forget our heroes that made this very freedom possible. The fallen ones. Our sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends who willingly went on to take up the job no-one else [...]

When it rains.

I love it when it rains. I am not too crazy about the before and after aspect of it but I simply love it when it rains. The entire process I so amazing. No, I am not talking about the whole evaporation - precipitation cycle. I mean the change in everything around us. Changes that [...]

The Tree

Once upon a time there stood a tree as majestic and grand as one could be, the roots went deep and the tree held strong, never bent to the winds rather whispered a song. The rains were supportive, the sunshine mild it soon bore fruit, each seed - his child. The winds blew, the seeds spread, on unfamiliar paths alone they [...]