About Me


Hi. I am Priyanka Gahlawat. An eternal optimist, who believes in overall goodness of the world. Call me old fashioned but love, honesty, respect and loyalty still matter to me. I like reading, writing, painting, travelling and have found a new love in baking.

This blog is my attempt to keep my love for reading and writing alive while stumbling through the challenges of new motherhood. This site contains my deepest thoughts, heartfelt emotions and insane ideas. Feel free to provide feedback and comment.

I will be posting my reflections on life in general, my ups and downs, my learning phases and challenges that I undertake along with the lessons learnt. You are welcome to share my journey with me, my partner and two babies (2 and 4 legged -one each).

You can reach me at priyanka.gahlawat@gmail.com

Enjoy reading.


3 thoughts on “About Me

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