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  • Half Way Through – MDI

    Half Way Through – MDI

    The second term started with issue of new books and receipt of answer-sheets for the first term exams. Considering the course issues just a certificate of participation one would assume that there would be no assessment but they do conduct exams, mark them and give the marks back as well. Back to school literally means […]

  • 1 Down, 2 To Go – Back to school at MDI

    1 Down, 2 To Go – Back to school at MDI

    So the transition from the forces to corporate has started. I landed in Delhi 0n 18 nov 17 after a very hectic fortnight at the Unit due to official functions. Till date (it is 2 months since) my official documentation is still pending. Anyway, I am here to attend a resettlement course at Management Development […]

  • Why I joined the Army and still love it.

    I will be completing 10 years in service this March and still the first question that anybody who meets me for the first time asks is – Why did you join the Army being a girl? I have heard this question so many times now that my auto response these days is “Why not?” It […]

  • Changing tracks at thirty?

    Life has taken a turn lately. As I start preparing for my release from service, I am back in college to attend my resettlement course. It is the third day of classes and the anxiousness has somewhat settled. Everything I do in the forces now is probably for the last time. It maybe the last […]

  • Lest we forget

    Freedom doesn’t come free. Happy Independence Day 2017. India celebrates its 71st year of independence and amidst all the celebrations I urge you all not to forget our heroes that made this very freedom possible. The fallen ones. Our sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends who willingly went on to take up the job no-one else […]

  • The Tree

    Once upon a time there stood a tree as majestic and grand as one could be, the roots went deep and the tree held strong, never bent to the winds rather whispered a song. The rains were supportive, the sunshine mild it soon bore fruit, each seed – his child. The winds blew, the seeds spread, on unfamiliar paths alone they […]