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  • Half Way Through – MDI

    Half Way Through – MDI

    The second term started with issue of new books and receipt of answer-sheets for the first term exams. Considering the course issues just a certificate of participation one would assume that there would be no assessment but they do conduct exams, mark them and give the marks back as well. Back to school literally means […]

  • 1 Down, 2 To Go – Back to school at MDI

    1 Down, 2 To Go – Back to school at MDI

    So the transition from the forces to corporate has started. I landed in Delhi 0n 18 nov 17 after a very hectic fortnight at the Unit due to official functions. Till date (it is 2 months since) my official documentation is still pending. Anyway, I am here to attend a resettlement course at Management Development […]

  • Changing tracks at thirty?

    Life has taken a turn lately. As I start preparing for my release from service, I am back in college to attend my resettlement course. It is the third day of classes and the anxiousness has somewhat settled. Everything I do in the forces now is probably for the last time. It maybe the last […]

  • Thank You Sir.

      05┬áSeptember. Teacher’s Day in India. During schooldays the day used to be filled with excitement, students role-playing teachers and taking classes with a general sense of celebration in the school. An official “non-working” working day. The importance reduced once we reached college – the free world. Teacher’s day still gave us an opportunity to […]