All his bags are packed…::(

Had to pack Baby R's bags for the 6th time within a span of 3 months. Poor thing is being moved around a lot. Paucity of good caretakers, working parents both posted miles apart that too in cities without daycare facilities and grandparents living in different cities are taking a toll on the little guy. … Continue reading All his bags are packed…::(

SAHM vs Working mom

Guilt, doubt and constant worry – woes of a working mother. Though endlessly debated by both sides (the working mom vs. the stay at home mom), it still is a totally individualistic viewpoint. Me? I am a working mother. Working since eight years and a mother for a little over a year out of those. … Continue reading SAHM vs Working mom

Bringing up baby – Happily.

Baby R completed 9 The little monkey has mastered crawling, stands with anything he can pull himself on - chairs, tables, people, and presently trying his hands on cruising. He eats pureed/finely grated fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cerelac, formula and breast milk along with other edible/inedible stuff he manages to get into his mouth. … Continue reading Bringing up baby – Happily.