Management Development Institute – The Final Leg

Term three at MDI just zoomed past. I mean, it’s almost 6 months since we said our goodbyes at the institute and it’s only now that I realise I haven’t updated the last term’s going-ons. In my defence, I was super busy moving to a new place and settling down.

So what did the last term look like? Super busy.

Like the previous two, this term also started with the issue of books and results of the second term exams. (not telling you anything about that). The amount of books read (issued rather) in these 6 months is immense. We had the prescribed books, suggested readings and the never-ending case studies. Phew! Assignments kept coming along with group discussions and case presentations. Meanwhile celebrations continued as well.

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The placecom (placement commitee) was stretched to the limit making calls, fixing up interviews, forwarding CVs etc. The placement brochure turned out to be great. Everyone has kept a personal copy as well as a sort of college yearbook I guess.

Since I was the only one retiring from service during the course, I had to get my personal documentation and medical check ups and everything done by ……well I must admit, by skipping some classes. OK fine, by skipping a lot of classes (don’t give me that look coursemates). There was no other way out though.

getting personal documentation sorted

This term most of us were busy looking for alternate career profiles matching our interests and past experiences. But like I said earlier the end of course does not mean end of service for the rest of my coursemates (a few are still serving six months hence) so the placements at the end of the term will be very few, but for obvious reasons, and, should not be taken as a reflection of the course or the institute’s calibre. Now that we are almost 6 months past the term end (and another Armed Forces course has started and ended at MDI) I can safely say most of us are very well placed barring those who have deliberately chosen to take a sabbatical. I am referring to myself of course. Hubby dear has been posted to a remote-ish place on Indian eastern coast and we have moved here with him. Let’s just spend some time as a family before getting back to the workforce.

Though a few of us who were living in Gurugram itself (rented accommodation or own) were having regular get togethers, the last term encouraged the others to come together for a couple of fun times as well.

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We hosted the MDI faculty for dinner at the nearby Airforce Mess which was a unique experience for them. MDI faculty in turn hosted us at a hotel nearby. Both were memorable events with the faculty letting their hair down for a change.

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The third term exams zoomed by in a flash and the convocation ceremony was held on the last day of the course. It was such a bittersweet moment. Finally the six month course was over but so was the everyday interaction with our new friends who had become a part of our lives now. We clicked pictures, made promises to keep in touch and with our new shining certificates in hand, marched off towards the rising sun to find a new way of life.

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Lessons learnt?  Apart from the ones in my first term review (here’s the link to the first two terms   first term,  second term), the following aspects are really important.

  1. Keep your aim in sight. All efforts for re-settlement and re-employment have to be your own. So, it is important that you know what field you want to go into, based on your experience and basic qualification. You can add a few courses to your resume if you think they will be critical to the kind of opportunity you are looking for.
  2. If you are not based in Delhi then cater for the accommodation before the classes start. Rest everything can be handled later. Taxi services are great, food service is amazing and the markets are flooded with things you might need.
  3. It is advisable to get your documentation taken care of before the course starts if the date of retirement is corresponding to the last date of the course tenure. There are no time slots for the amount of running around needed for the medical and other formalities.
  4. Leave your rank outside the classroom when you come to learn something. Be humble.
  5. Most importantly, have fun. These might be the last few days of college life that you will experience.

I have since been informed that the course has undergone some minor changes. MDI has taken the next step towards digitization and has installed biometric system for attendance in the classrooms and are now very particular about exams and classes. The course structure and everything else remains the same. You may contact me if you feel there is anything else you need to ask. I will be happy to help.

To all the future courses at MDI, Armed Forces batches or otherwise, here’s wishing from the Armed Forces Programme Serial Number 21 – ALL THE VERY BEST. Like they say in the forces, God Speed and Happy Landings.


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  1. Being a part of your journey, more so as a placement committee team member sitting beside you, the article is a video recording of six months. So live and chronological that it would be a guiding light for MDI phase. Great work Priyanka. Proud to be associated with you.


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