Half Way Through – MDI

The second term started with issue of new books and receipt of answer-sheets for the first term exams. Considering the course issues just a certificate of participation one would assume that there would be no assessment but they do conduct exams, mark them and give the marks back as well. Back to school literally means back to school I guess. The exams were 2 in a day, 4 days in a row. Don’t ask me how I did. No. Just no. Repeat for the next two terms as well.

Second Term exam schedule

Moving on. By the time the second term rolled in we had pretty much made ourselves comfortable. This term the main focus was the placement brochure. Placements are by and large a student driven activity and while campus placements are possible for the fresh graduates it cant be done for us as the requirements are totally different. Companies cannot pick us in bulk and for one odd person who might or might not be who they are looking for no one bothers to conduct college placements.

So it is on us to project ourselves and cater for placements for self and colleagues. First step was to prepare the CV (Curriculum Vitae) and the Resume. Then we had to prepare a brochure for the entire batch. This was one maddening task. Thankfully I was not a part of the Brochure committee.  All of us stay at different locations so getting together to work on it was a major challenge. The team pulled many all-nighters and did a wonderful job in the end.

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Photoshoot for the brochure was super fun. What poses and locations. 🙂 We should have been runway models. HA HA

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Classes resumed with new teachers and loads of guest speakers, presentations by students and role-plays. We were lucky to have amongst us Ms Kanika Tewari – founder of GoDiverse, Mr Deepak Shrivastava – MD & CEO of Parrot Solutions Pte Ltd and Col Akash Ghosh –  Globacom Limited.

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While most of us started venturing out in the city doing our own things, the placement committee or the place-com (yours truly included) are stuck making cold calls to companies and sending e-mails. As a result all of us now have a soft corner for all the credit card sales callers who keep calling. They are more thick skinned and persistent than us- must admit. Birthday celebrations and parties continued.

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Meanwhile I plan to take up painting once again (will post a separate entry for that). Tried my hands at watercolour painting as a cousin’s wedding gift. The weather has started warming up and the auto rides are manageable and Ola auto offers cheaper options. I even tried the metro across town and since mine is the starting station here and from the other end as well- HUDA City Centre and Jahangirpuri, the train is generally empty. It is so much better than driving across Delhi in the mad traffic. Though the festive season crowds it out well enough.

Now that I have finally received my release orders hopefully just a few days left of this forced long distance relationship between all three of us (me, hubby and Baby R).

Video calls and phone conversations do not suffice anymore. Baby R flat out refuses to talk or even come near the phone if it is not a Video call then too he will straight away shoot “aapki piaai (padhai) kaisi chal rahi hai? and aap kab aa rahe ho?” “How are your studies going and when will you come?” Poor Baby.

Soon kiddo. Soon.

Here are the links to the reviews for the First term and the Third term.


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