Changing tracks at thirty?

Life has taken a turn lately. As I start preparing for my release from service, I am back in college to attend my resettlement course. It is the third day of classes and the anxiousness has somewhat settled. Everything I do in the forces now is probably for the last time. It maybe the last time that I had travelled on an official I D Card as a serving soldier and as I deposit my movement order to a local unit it might be the last time I am getting attached/transferred to/from anywhere. Along with the sentimentality and fear of the unknown I am also house hunting in a new city and amongst new people. As doubt and fear cloud the mind, there is also a hope that everything will ultimately work out for the better. It is now time to change and work towards a better future. At least the desire of attending one of the best B-schools in the country turns true. So that’s a plus. Go MDI (Management Development Institute, Gurgaon). Also hubby dear will be coming soon on a long leave and getting Baby R along, so double yayyyy. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck people.

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