When it rains.


I love it when it rains. I am not too crazy about the before and after aspect of it but I simply love it when it rains. The entire process I so amazing. No, I am not talking about the whole evaporation – precipitation cycle. I mean the change in everything around us. Changes that might be drastic such as at places like the desert where the ground is dry and parched and everyone enjoys even if it is only a drizzle, or changes that are subtle like when it constantly rains and you can’t see much difference. Then there are changes that you can feel and not see physically. Those are the ones that get me every time.

I live at a place where it rains the better part of the year and in spite of that every time the clouds roll in there is a feeling of joy. The fog gathers around and the clouds go through you and the mist freshens you up. It makes one feel alive. Sounds strange I know.

Be it a drizzle or a torrential downpour that causes destruction, it still leaves everything a little greener, a little bit fresher, a little bit cleaner. Little greens stubbornly growing through the cracks in the concrete, the sound of water gushing in the drains and pipes, the thunder and lightning streaking across the dark skies, the edges of tinted fluffy clouds glistening due to the hidden sun and the occasional rainbow.

When you are the kind of person (like me) who looks at a beautiful view and internally sighs because god/nature has made everything so wonderful and unfortunately mankind is intent on destroying everything, you can’t help but cry happy tears because it is just so good and you stand in the rain and let the drops wash away the fears, sadness, prejudices, anxiety. All of it will return, no doubt, but at the moment you are at peace and that momentary peace is all one can ask for really.

So I look forward for such moments of clarity and satisfaction, even if it comes with slick and slippery grounds, hard to dry clothes, dripping roofs and all sorts of irritations at times. In spite of everything. I love it when it rains.

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