God bless my house-maid.

At times I thank my stars that I live in a country like India where getting a house-maid/nanny (although not professionally trained) is easier than many other places. With my work occupying most of the waking hours the only time I get to spend with my growing-up-too-soon-baby is dinnertime. So imagine my (good) surprise when I casually asked baby R – “where’s your nose?” and he points to his cute little button nose promptly. It seems my maid has been teaching him things in my absence. It is a huge relief believe me as it eases my guilt a little bit of not being able to teach my baby anything and the fear that kids his age already know so many things (I know, I know – never compare. Still…). It is a mixed bag because as a mother I start feeling guilty all over again that my child is learning things from my maid rather than from me….uff…pains of motherhood.

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2 responses to “God bless my house-maid.”

  1. You have to find time for him…..else he will have no time for you once he grows up. No profession is so occupying that you ignore your child. The people above who matter need to know this……..

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