Second Opinion.

I repeated the test once, then twice and only then believed what the first one confirmed. The two pink lines were awesome news. Finally. After months of trying.

I went to the doctor to get all corresponding tests done and for advice on pregnancy. I was given a list of blood tests, urine tests and an ultrasound examination.

This incident relates to the ultrasound exam. My appointment with the radiologist was in the 5th week.

The radiologist while performing the scan asked – “why are you in so early? We generally do the scan after 6 weeks.” Me – “because i was asked to.”

Anyway, the scan result read – “single intra-uterine gestational sac visualized without fetal pole/ cardiac activity. Advised review scan at 11-14 weeks.”  I took the scan result to the gynae for him to translate the medical jargon to sensible everyday language. He looked at it and asked “why is there no cardiac activity?” I was speechless. “Am I supposed to have one? “ I had no clue. The doc concluded “We’ll have to go in for a D&C. Get a PA checkup done and take the results to the OT.” With that he called for the next patient in the waiting room.

I was too shaken up to say anything. Later up I called a friend of mine (a doc – not a gynae though). He told me that heartbeat in the baby generally starts by 5th week but there could be a lot of reasons why I was not showing any. He also told me to get a second opinion before going for the PA checkup which meant a pre-anesthetic check up for an operation. That doctor (I used the dirtiest words of profanity I knew at the time) had not even bothered to explain what a PA checkup meant and what a D&C was. Google to the rescue for the latter (broadly translated it meant abortion). In any case I refused to accept his diagnosis. It was too early. I did not even go to another doctor immediately – I was panicking but it was too early. Definitely too early. At least my gut feeling said so.

I finally went to another doctor at 8 weeks of gestation. He did another scan and told me the baby was perfectly fine and had a distinct heartbeat. Thank God. I even thanked the doctor while my eyes teared up. He smiled and said – “Its best to wait as long as possible in delicate situations before finalizing any permanent measures.”

Baby R is almost 10 months now and I am so glad I went in for the second opinion and listened to my inner voice. I am sharing this painful memory in the hope that people in similar situations may realize that doctors err too. Listen to your instinct and ALWAYS take a second opinion if you are not convinced. Some actions cannot be undone.

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  1. well crafted blog! portrayed all the mixed emotion that a mother would go through such a delicate moment. Appreciate the way u stood up to the situation and followed ur guts rather than …………!

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