Bringing up baby – Happily.

Baby R

Baby R completed 9 months…wow…already???

The little monkey has mastered crawling, stands with anything he can pull himself on – chairs, tables, people, and presently trying his hands on cruising. He eats pureed/finely grated fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cerelac, formula and breast milk along with other edible/inedible stuff he manages to get into his mouth. He loves chewing/gumming things – he is probably teething, although no teeth in sight.He happily goes to everyone who is standing and offers him a better view of things. It breaks my heart to leave him in the mornings for work – guess he instinctively knows i’m leaving because he gets clingy and only needs mommy. Love being welcomed back with a huge gummy smile.

At times I panic – Oh My God! He’s growing up so fast and soon he’ll be too big for my lap or too old to play with my hair. Getting misty eyed here. At the same time he teaches me everyday that life is short. We need to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. He will not be this small ever again. Once he gets his pearly whites i won’t see his gummy heart melting smile again – maybe a shiny white smile but still…He  will probably bump his head on my tummy only for a few more weeks before curiosity turns him towards toys and other things to play with.

So I don’t mind taking time off from work every now and then, ensuring I avail my authorized leave to the last possible day and not feel guilty about it. I make sure people’s comments of me shirking work do not affect me. Work can wait, the office does not revolve around me and will still continue as always even in my absence, my baby cannot. Period.

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