Idle (Ideal?) Sunday !

Sunday. That one day of the week (for us lesser mortals with 6 working days) when you could get up late and laze around in your pajamas till the afternoon. Well hello baby! not so much since the last year or so. So today when hubby said “Lets go out. U can go shopping and I’ll take care of the baby”, I thought I was hearing things. Now I wonder maybe he realised I have nothing presentable left to wear in my cupboard and took pity on me. Who knows? Point being I got to go shopping…yay.

The ideal Sunday began with us having a leisurely brunch at The Irish House ( . Super awesome food – unlimited beer, for those who drink that is. Baby R mercifully co-operated and kept himself busy throwing paper napkins and spoons around – after being fed of course.

We went shopping. Disaster. I have gained so much weight nothing looks good anymore. Fashion houses seriously need to start making clothes for real people and not “zero” figure eat-half-an-apple-and-am-full type models. I ended up not buying anything as always with a vow to buy new clothes when I get back in some sort of shape. But shoes always fit right? A woman can never have too many shoes.  Baby R kept making weird noises and “ooo-ing” everyone around.

Is it only me or the prices for every damn thing have skyrocketed?  Maybe I haven’t been paying attention. I mean a lipstick for Rs 500/- for someone like me who uses cosmetics once or twice a month, well that feels like robbery. Why can’t they make them in miniature sizes? Two hours of window-shopping later I decided everything is too costly at the mall, hubby glaring at me contributed too. Might as well get stuff online (my favourite right now – ). At least they offer free home delivery and occasional discounts.

Had a major craving for doughnuts since many days, ended up buying 2 huge boxes instead of one. That guy manning the counter was a smooth operator I tell you. ( Someone give him a raise.

Fast forward to the present. I have two brand new pair of shoes, a new pink shade in lip-colour that I can wear without feeling self concious. Baby R is already in bed asleep and I can finally read in peace while binging on doughnuts and coffee.

Good night to me   .


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