It Takes Two To Parent.


For a new mother stepping into the role of a parent is a daunting task. Even more so when you are staying in a nuclear set-up with no support.

Baby R came into this world a month earlier than expected and me and my darling husband were at sea regarding what to do. Baby was whisked off to the NICU for 3 days and it proved to be a blessing in disguise. Heartbreaking though it was to stay away from our little darling, it gave us time to prepare for his homecoming. Me and our bub stayed in the hospital for a week since we had some issues with breastfeeding. Meanwhile daddy dearest single-handedly bought clothes, nappies, wipe-cloths, diapers, sheets and other endless baby stuff.

“Equal parenting” was not some new parenting concept for us, it was a natural order of things. Setting a routine took some time but together we’ve managed to sail through the first few tough months. Though I did not follow the rigid confinement practices, I did need rest to recover and for the first 6 weeks my partner ensured I rest. He took care of all things at home and outside. Prepared breakfast for both of us, ensured I took my supplements on time, changed dirty diapers, gave baby a bath on his days off from work, even washed poopy nappies. He went grocery shopping, bought home supplies, and basically ensured we never run out of diapers or wipes.

Baby R is 8 months now and extremely active, keeping me on my toes at all times.  I have recently joined back work and baby has started showing his separation anxiety by getting clingy whenever I am at home. As the baby crawls all over the house, daddy still tries to help wherever and whenever he can. Though I have never said it in person, today I take the opportunity to say to my hubby “Thank you, For everything”. Seeing him feeding tiny spoon-fulls of baby food into the little monkey’s mouth while I finish this piece makes me feel hopeful that in the future too we’ll manage just fine.

Fingers crossed.

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